Seminars at Taste Washington-Educational & Fun

The Grand Tasting at Taste Washington is bound to be an amazing experience on March 27.

There also are some incredible seminars on March 26. You can choose from four seminars that run simultaneously from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., a lunch session, and four sessions from 1:45 to 3 p.m. They sound so educational and fun that I’d like to attend all of them.

Here are the details, taken directly from the Taste Washington website, and ticket information. For more on the Grand Tasting, Taste Washington, see my Feb. 17 blog post

Session I: 11am to 12:15pm

A Sort of Homecoming:
Food and Wine Pairing with Michael Mina $50
A Washington State native hailing from Ellensburg, Michael Mina has emerged as a leader of culinary brilliance in the world.  He returns to his roots with a Seattle outpost of his famed RN74 concept, looking to pair his cuisine with the world-class wines of his upbringing.  How do sommeliers and chefs work together to create great wine and food marriages?   Find out for yourself as Bruce Schoenfeld guides three nationally recognized sommeliers – and you! – to help decide which wines go best with Chef Mina’s dishes…and which will end up on the RN74 Seattle’s wine list.

Common Ground:
A Seven Hills Vineyard Investigation $45
Seven Hills Vineyard has been a leading world-class wine grape growing site for decades – not just for Washington, but the United States. As our region now finds itself with vine age that allows the true complexity of a site to show completely, it is high time to look to a spot that continues to prove that its lauded status is deserved. Named one of the Top Ten vineyards on the planet by Wine & Spirits Magazine, Seven Hills Vineyard and the people who manage it offers a special glimpse into a unique place and typicity which translates into wines of uncommon complexity. This special seminar allows attendees to taste barrel samples and wines no longer available.

Ladies First:
Women In Washington Wine $45
A joyous, lighthearted but meaningful celebration of the roles women play in continuing to better the wine world in our state.  Join this knowledgeable, influential and fun-loving group – they may indeed be powerful, shaping the vineyards, wines, restaurants and store shelves of our region, but they aren’t above wondering what wine goes with chocolate or comparing a Sauvignon Blanc to a crisp white shirt.  Leslie Sbrocco always brightens a room with wisdom and wit…ladies, take it away!

Washington’s Emerging Varieties:
Grenache Panache
Presented by Seattle Magazine $40
The rising popularity of this new-to-the-Washington-scene grape variety in recent times is a boon for wine drinkers.  Seattle Magazine recognizes that Washington State’s offerings with this amazing grape are truly delicious, having awarded it Best Emerging Varietal in their 2010 Best of Washington Wine Awards. Bob Betz MW, an admitted Grenache fiend, will join Seattle Mag’s wine columnist Shannon Borg and an esteemed panel as they help you discover why our region’s Grenache offerings are fast becoming some of the New World’s most distinctive and respected.

Lunch Session: 12:15 – 1:45
Lunch by Michael Mina is included in your ticket price for any morning or afternoon seminar.

Session II: 1:45pm to 3pm

In Search Of:
Washington’s Singular Style $50

As Washington State fast becomes acknowledged for its deserved place in the pantheon of world-class wine, Bruce Schoenfeld wonders if it has (or needs) a singular style of wine that can be pointed to. Italy has Barolo, Spain has Ribera del Duero, France has Grand Cru Burgundy – all wines which can’t be made anywhere else. What, if anything, does Washington have? Has a sense of “Washington-ness” arisen orwill it as we continue to mature? Or, is it even necessary? Might it be enough in this new age of worldly wine lovers just to make delicious wine?

Washington State Syrah:
Yes, We Can! $45

A savory, smoky, spicy, powerful, complex, long finishing…seminar! In the various winemaking and grape growing corners of our state, Syrah has arisen as one of our greatest wines in a very short period of time. Washington State will continue to make it despite its relative obscurity in general wine drinking public conscious because it is just too delicious. Investigate what Washington State’s emerging typicity is as compared to other regions of the world alongside super sommeliers Rajat Parr and Jason Smith MS as lead by wine writer extraordinaire Jordan MacKay.

What’s the Point(s)?
Rating Washington State Wines $45

As the wine world absolutely explodes with options, more wine lovers turn to the experts to help them decide which bottles are worth their money. How should we rate our Washington State wines?  Is there a way to quantify the quality (which continues to receive very highly positive press from wine writers around the country)?  Some utilize the highly popular 100 point score.  Some utilize star systems.  Some hold wine competitions.  Some just write about what the wine tastes like.  Learn from the sources which system works for them by tasting some of their highest rated wines from our region…and decide what works for you!

With A Rebel Yell:
Washington’s Rock-n-Roll Winemakers $45

Rebellious, iconoclast, jammin’, hip, cool, juiced up…and these are just the wines!  Meet and play with some of the rock-n-roll winemakers and wines of Washington State.  Their labels, tasting rooms, websites, personas and wines all push the traditional wine world envelope, forcing you to try them.  In doing so, these fantastic winemakers are expanding the boundaries of what our region can do. And the ever-bursting Leslie Sbrocco is the only one we know with enough energy to corral this sordid crew…this will be no ordinary tasting!


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