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We heard the buzz about Efeste Wines for months but could never organize our schedule with their openings in Woodinville. So I am delighted to tell you that Efeste’s tasting room is now open every weekend — Fridays through Sundays — from noon to 4 p.m.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, we stopped by on St. Nick’s weekend earlier this month and met Brennon Leighton, winemaker extraordinaire, along with owners Kevin and Angie Taylor, who are very passionate about their wines.

Now, as much as I rave about Washington wines, I do not call all winemakers “extraordinaire.” If you try Brennon’s wines, you will understand. His wines are most excellent — he is creating some softer wines with native fermentation, and they really are unique. And what a mouthfeel!

For example, “Jolie Bouche,” which appropriately means “pretty mouth” in French, is the name of Brennon’s 2006 Syrah, expected to be released in March. We pre-ordered it after barrel-tasting the 2007 Jolie Bouche, which was such a winner!  We would have taken a bottle (or two) home with us then and there, if we could have.

Other Efeste wines that we enjoyed: 2005 Ceidleigh Syrah (pronounced kay-lee), which is dense, lush and elegant and 2005 Final-Final — it’s the last or final blend that Efeste makes. Chris Upchurch of DeLille Cellars, known for his bold reds, consulted on the creation of both these two big reds.

If you haven’t stopped by Efeste, I recommend that you make it a priority in the future!

And in case you’re wondering, their website explains the cool name — Efeste, pronounced F-S-T, is an acronym for Daniel & Helen Ferrelli – Patrick Smith – and Kevin & Angela Taylor, the winery founders.


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