We’re Back!

The Write for Wine blog unexpectedly took a holiday over the Labor Day weekend, but we’re back! And it’s all thanks to Louis!

The “holiday” began after we read a CNET article: “WordPress blogs falling prey to worm The worm does not affect the current version 2.8.4 and the one prior to it. And it only affects people who host their own WordPress blog.”

We host our own WordPress blog but it’s not on the current version, so our immediate reaction was to upgrade to version 2.8.4. Makes sense, eh? You’d think, except our manual upgrade didn’t quite work and the blog site went down, down, down – and remained in that dark state for two days. Two l-o-n-g days.

But then my wonderful nephew Louis came to the rescue – and voila, Write for Wine is back in business! We can’t find enough words to thank Louis, who along with the lovely Karyne, became new parents a mere one week ago when my beautiful great-niece Lyv was born in Montreal. Felicitations et merci beaucoup!

Cheers! Salut!