What’s in Our Glasses Lately

What's in Our GlassesWhat’s in our glasses? We enjoyed some fine wine lately, and subsequently posted about these great bottles on social media. However, in case you missed our posts, you can catch up here. In addition, we would love it if you would follow Write for Wine on Instagram and Facebook.

Read on to find out what’s been in our glasses!

What’s in Our Glasses Lately?

In the last few months, our wine picks comprised of whites and reds from Washington state, British Columbia, France, South Africa, Australia and Georgia. Specifically, the whites are from B.C., and Georgia. Meanwhile, the reds are from Washington, France, Georgia, South Africa and Australia. Some of these were wallet-friendly, while others were for special occasions. Above all, we embraced every single pour.

Moreover, here are the excellent wines that we sipped (listed in alphabetical order).

White Wines

What's in Our Glasses of White wineWe poured two whites from British Columbia and one from Georgia.

Red wineRed Wines

In addition, 15 reds enticed us recently, from Washington state, South Africa, France, Australia and Georgia.

Summary: What’s in Our Glasses?

In conclusion, we purchased some of the wines listed above, while we tasted others at events or wineries, and a few were samples. We recommend all of them.

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Margot and Dave