What’s Goin’ On

I love the song “What’s Goin’ On” so it seemed fitting to name this blog post after something positive. Because unfortunately, the news lately has not been that great – but it’s getting better all the time. (Can you name that tune?)

First, I had knee surgery recently and while I’m recuperating nicely, it’s still hard to sit at a computer to blog in the evening after being at a computer all day at my PR job. Second, this blog was hacked last week, and it took a few days to get it fixed. And last but definitely not least, we lost our beloved dog, Shadow. So for a number of reasons, it’s been extremely difficult to update this blog recently.

The good news is that my knee is getting stronger every day and this blog has been fixed – so when the weekend rolls around, I will be able to blog about some great wines we’ve had recently – from William Church Winery, Efeste, Alexandria Nicole Cellars, Forgeron Cellars, Matthews Estate, L’Ecole 41, JM Cellars, Northwest Totem Cellars, DiStefano Winery and more.

So thank you for your patience and understanding about the recent slow pace of this blog. Things will be getting better soon,  I promise!  And look at the bright side – these excuses (er, reasons) are so much more realistic than “the dog ate my homework.” Although in my case, it would be hard to say which of our other three dogs would be to blame!IMG_0132


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