What a Riot!

Trio Vintners is a fairly new winery by Walla Walla standards. According to my friend and Walla Walla wine expert, Catie from Through the Walla Walla Grape Vine, Trio Vintners opened its doors in 2007. In addition to winemaking skills, the trio of winemakers, Denise Slattery, her husband Steve Michener and their partner Tim Boushey, also bring an assortment of writing, communications and business skills to the winery located at the Walla Walla airport’s wine incubator.

The writing talent is evidenced on the label of their new release, 2007 RIOT: “A riot of aromas and flavors, our first red wine blend from Washington’s Columbia Valley may lead to unrestrained revelry and an unbridled outbreak of passion.”

And the wine is as much fun as the label. The 2007 RIOT blends 52% Sangiovese, 36% Syrah and 12% Mourvedre and was just released last November. Because of its young age, we recommend that you let it decant for awhile before tasting. But once it’s had time to open up, you will understand why this fun red wine won a Bronze Medal at the 2009 Seattle Wine Awards.

RIOT is a reasonably priced wine that is great for those week days where you want to kick back and relax after a long day at work.

Another wine from Trio Vintners that stands out is the 100% single-vineyard 2006 Syrah. But let it decant for awhile to open up, too. Although it was released in April 2009, our first sips showed a young wine with lots of potential. That potential turned into the real deal after letting the wine stand for awhile – the aromas and flavors of berries and chocolate were enticing and left you wanting more.

In the name of full disclosure, a bottle of 2007 RIOT and 2006 Syrah was sent to us by Trio Vintners to taste.

We also heard from our friend Paul at Full Pull Wines that Trio Vintners makes a great Zinfandel. 


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