American Whiskey tastingIn 2020, we started to enjoy more cocktails in addition to wine. We even formed a small “booze group” with our COVID pod for new tasting experiences. For example, we expanded our taste portfolio to include Amaro, Japanese whisky and other spirts. While we’ve been posting photos of these new adventures on Instagram, now seems like the perfect time to create a new category on Write for Wine. Welcome to Spirits!

Welcome to Spirits

Ramazzotti AmaroFirst, this new Spirits section will feature standard alcohol such as whiskey, bourbon, gin, tequila, rum, brandy and vodka. Sometimes we will taste them on the rocks. Other times, they will be mixed into a flavorful cocktail. Second, you’ll find information about liqueurs, apéritifs and digestifs such as Amaro, Sambuca or Campari. Our article about Ramazzotti Amaro also includes cocktail recipes. Likewise, we will showcase cocktail tools occasionally, too. And beer.

Welcome to Spirits - Dow's Tawny Ports And yes, port, a wine with a fortification spirit, counts. Over the summer, we tasted two samples of Dow’s Port from Symington Family Estates. Of course, we held a side-by-side tasting of these 10- and 20-year-old Tawny Ports. They both show fine fruit flavors with wood character.We sipped them with a little piece of dark chocolate, and wow. More information can be found in our article, Tawny Port.

Warre's PortsIn 2024, we tasted Warre’s Port, also from Symington Family Estates — Otima 10 Tawny Port and 2016 Vintage Porto. Otima 10 features fresh fruit flavors and elegance from 10 years in seasoned wood. 2016 Vintage Porto is versatile, full-bodied and complex, showcasing Warre’s style of fresh charm, balance and elegance. Find more information in our article simply called Port.


In conclusion, we hope you will join us on our journey of tastings of alcohol, liqueurs, apéritifs and digestifs. As mentioned, Write for Wine occasionally will showcase cocktail recipes and tools too. This does not mean we no longer post about our favorite bottles of wine. We’ve showcased wines from Washington state and all over the world since 2007. Rather, we are expanding our experiences to share our adventures in both. We hope you enjoy this new chapter.

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