WBC10 – An Individual Experience

The Wine Blogger Conference (WBC10) in Walla Walla has come and gone, but the experiences will remain for a long, long time. Three hundred wine bloggers and industry folks gathered together and toured Washington wine country – before, during and after the three-day conference June 25-27.

Not surprisingly, each person has his/her unique stories to tell.

You can find many already written – some of the best summaries can be found on two blogs of writers I’m happy to call friends and colleagues: Sean Sullivan of Washington Wine Report and Josh Wade of Drink Nectar.

And you will soon find our stories here at Write for Wine. Our unique trip was divided into four parts:

  1. Joining the WBC-or-Bust contest winners along the beginning of their road trip, in Woodinville, at Cave B and in Walla Walla (June 23 & 24)
  2. WBC10 (June 25-27), where I met so many new friends and finally met face-to-face with Catie McIntyre Walker, the Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman, who has been my special wine blogger friend for more than three years. 
  3. Walla Walla winery touring with my dear friend Melanie Ofenloch (Dallas Wine Chick) and her husband, John (June 27-28)
  4. Prosser, Red Mountain and Yakima winery touring with Melanie and John (June 29-30)

We have many stories to share and many people to acknowlege for making our experiences so special. If you can’t wait, you can always read about our journey (and numerous wine tastings) as I posted live on my Twitter page: @WriteforWine.


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