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How nice it was to recently read in The China Post that “wine connoisseurs worldwide recognize the U.S. Pacific Northwest for its high-quality wines.” According to Keith Schneller, head of the American Institute in Taiwan’s Agricultural Trade Office in Taipei: “The fertile soils and numerous microclimates with rolling hills and lush river valleys have made it one of the world’s most important new viticultural areas.”

“Where there were only 50 vineyards in Washington state 10 years ago,” said Schneller, “today, there are more than 500.” Schneller made the comments at a Taipei tasting of several wines, including Washington state’s L’Ecole 41.

According to the Post, another of Schneller’s goals is to educate the Asian market to the fact that U.S. wines come from other states, not just California. “We wanted to introduce a diverse variety of American wines. While most people are familiar with California wines, they do not know much about those from Washington, Oregon or Idaho.”

Cheers to another Washington state wine champion!

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2 thoughts on “Washington state wine in The China Post

  1. Even though sales of US wines are somewhat stagnant in China, we get some Washington wines here and I’d love to see more. But we do have a dearth of Oregon wines. About two years ago, I was lucky enough to have a co-worker whose family grows grapes in Oregon (Seven Hills) and we organized a tasting of about a half-dozen Pinot Noirs in Beijing. What a great tasting, and so much the better to have him explain the wines from the perspective of having grown up with the grapes (yes, he’s spent a bit of time pruning).

    I believe it was the first tasting of that size of Oregon Pinot Noir in China.

    Cheers, Boyce

  2. It’s great to hear from you in China. How was that article received there? I’m glad you enjoy wines from the Northwest! What are the wines that you do get there? Please keep reading and commenting.

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