Washington state wine bloggers unite!

Thad over at the Beyond the Bottle blog sparked my interest in his recent quest to find other Washington state wine bloggers. In a post titled Where are the Washington-based wine bloggers, Thad lists four other Washington state wine bloggers, in addition to the two of us. Are there only six bloggers who reside in Washington state and blog about Washington state wines?

There must be more! Thad has been blogging for about five months now, just a month longer than I have. If you live in Washington state and blog about Washington state wines, please let me know. Maybe we can start a wine group in Facebook!


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Margot has been writing about wine since 1997 at KOIN-TV in Portland, Oregon; ten years later, she created this blog. Write for Wine focuses on the fine wines of Washington state, with additional posts about Oregon, B.C., California, ANZ, France, Italy, Spain and more. A former national journalist in Canada and the U.S., Margot has been a Washington wine enthusiast since moving to Seattle in 1999. Her motto: “It’s wine o’clock somewhere.”

4 thoughts on “Washington state wine bloggers unite!

  1. Hi Margot,

    Indeed – Washington Wine Bloggers must unite! I sent Thad an email regarding why we should unite. I will cc: and send it to you, as well.


  2. Margot,

    It is great to see this topic extending to your blog as well. Thanks for spreading the word! I look forward to chatting with you and Catie further on efforts to create a more united front promoting Washington wine.


  3. Hey, thanks for the kind words. I wrote “Touring the Wine Country of Washington” 25 years ago, never dreaming we’d get to 500 wineries (from 30-something) so quickly. Glad to let Paul Gregutt take over as the archivist.

    Cornichon is more than just a wine blog, which is probably why it’s sometimes overlooked in the directories; I also write about food, French and Italian wines (not just Pacific Northwest), foreign travel, Belltown neighborhood politics and (this weekend) opera.

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