Trothe Releases

Trothe 2024 Spring Releases Year after year, vintage after vintage, Trothe releases underline why this Washington state winery quickly earned a reputation as a producer of world-class luxury wines. These three new 2021 releases are ready to join their other sophisticated wines on the international stage. Trothe Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Limited Grenache are all stunning, exceptional wines from the Horse Heaven Hills. They are dream wines from what we called the  “dream team” back in 2021: Jeff Andrews, innovative managing partner of the winery and Andrews Family Vineyards; acclaimed winemaker Ray McKee; and extraordinary vineyards manager Todd Chapman. Put on your seat belts. These three wines are exhilarating,

Trothe Releases

Andrews Family VineyardsFirst, the history. Jeff Andrews is a fourth-generation farmer. His family has owned and operated 1,300 acres of vineyards since 1994, on land their family has farmed for generations on the Horse Heaven Hills.

Jeff and his team source Trothe releases exclusively from Andrews Family Vineyards. “We wholeheartedly believe in the dazzling potential of this land, and we aim to create its purest expression of place.” After the initial releases three years ago, Ray told us they have confidence, dedication, passion and investment in the goal of making world-class wine that puts Washington’s Horse Heaven Hills AVA on the map as one of the world’s best wine-growing regions.

We’ve had the fortune to taste several Trothe wines since then. And while we applaud each one, these 2021s are all that and more. Jeff explained that the 2021 wines demonstrate more complete control in their winemaking process.

“2021 was the first vintage in which we had every piece of equipment we wanted available to us. With additional tools at his disposal, Ray was able to refine his winemaking to further our goal of continuous improvement.”

The Heat Dome

As well, Jeff noted that 2021 was a much hotter year than 2020. “The heat dome was incredibly intense. So, comparing our 2021s and 2020s side by side, I think you’ll see more warm vintage characteristics in the 2021s, but not overwhelmingly so because we worked really hard in the vineyard to reduce heat impact by growing robust canopies and keeping the fruit shaded.”

Ray elaborated: “During the infamous heat dome of 115F temperatures during the summer, we worked to keep plants healthy and fruit shaded during this heat spike, to avoid sunburn and keep the fruit fresh and vibrant.”

He said the 2021s showcase the ripeness of the vintage, while still retaining the vibrancy of having shaded fruit and healthy canopies.

Trothe Releases: 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon ($234)

Trothe 2021 Cabernet SauvignonDespite the heat dome, Trothe 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon is magical, our favorite of the four vintages we’ve tasted. Simply put, it has the WOW factor. This is a killer Cab Sauv, which makes you want to slowly savor each sophisticated sip. The 2021 is luxurious yet powerful, brooding yet captivating, and a harmonic symphony of plush flavors, with classic Horse Heaven Hills minerality and tannins. This is Trothe’s flagship wine, which put the Horse Heaven Hills on the international map. Be prepared to be impressed with this bewitching Cab Sauv. It is striking now, and will be epic after additional years in the cellar.

2021 Syrah ($148)

Trothe 2021 SyrahTrothe 2021 Syrah is the second vintage, and we think it surpasses Trothe 2020 Syrah, which we described as “impressive, classy, structured, complex and elegant.” Trothe 2021 Syrah was co-fermented with 3% Viognier. Pretty aromas of dark berries, espresso, oranges, and umami lead into a generous, vibrant mouthfeel of plums, blackberries, blueberries, sage, and mushrooms, with earthy notes and bright acidity.

This is more like an old-world Syrah. This reflects how Jeff and Ray worked closely on Block 03 of the vineyards with renowned French winemakers Philippe Cambie and Michel Gassier. (Ray has been called a protégé of Cambie, a Rhône legend.)

Jeff said, “The 2021 Syrah came primarily from Block 3, but we also incorporated some Block 6. Block 3 is Phelps clone and Block 6 is Tablas Creek clone. The two clones were made for each other, one filling the little gaps in the other to make a more complete wine.”

We opened Trothe 2021 Syrah on Valentine’s Day, and served it with juicy, barbecued steaks. I can only imagine how incredible this wine will taste after 6-10 years of aging. It’s amazing right now. Unfortunately, it’s also already sold out, so keep your eye out for the next release.

2021 Limited Red (Grenache) ($168)

Limited 2021 GrenacheThe Trothe Limited series spotlights the very best blocks of Andrews Family Vineyards from special vintages. Trothe calls them “the Vintage Star” — the variety that shines the brightest during the growing season. 2021 Limited Red is the third in the series. Ray decided Grenache was a “simple choice because this grape is at its absolute best during the hot vintages, and 2021 was a scorcher.”

He told us, “I have been waiting for a vintage like this one to make a single block bottling of Grenache; a wine that Philippe Cambie would have called ‘Atomic!’”

First, 2021 Limited is decadently delicious. Next, we found it very smooth, complex, bold and rich, with so much substance. Further, this wine offers aromas and flavors of juicy raspberries, herbs, umami and savory minerality.

Fun fact: The previous release, 2020 Limited, became Trothe’s first international export, headed to Iceland. In Jeff’s words,  “I never would have guessed Iceland would be the first. Look for Trothe next time you’re in Reykjavík.”

Summary: Trothe Releases

In conclusion, these three Trothe releases follow widespread acclaim for each and every Trothe wine in the last few years. They are exceptional and elegant.

In other words, these are world-class wines targeted at wine collectors, with prices that reflects just how special they are. Moreover, the Trothe team wants people who enjoy their wine to be part of their story. So, you can only access their exclusive allocations by signing up for their Members List.

Thank you so much, Trothe, for sharing these magnificent bottles.

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