Trothe Limited

Trothe Limited Malbec 2019Trothe’s dream team – Jeff Andrews (the passionate managing partner at the acclaimed Andrews Family Vineyards), Ray McKee (incredible winemaker) and Todd Chapman (talented vineyards manager) – spotlight the very best varieties and blocks from special vintages for their new Limited Series. Trothe Limited 2019 Malbec, which is yet another world-class wine from the Horse Heaven Hills, is first up. We have been major fans of Trothe since the beginning, tasting both vintages of their exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and the not-yet-released Syrah. And now, we add this stunning Malbec to the list of their wines worthy of the world stage. Read on for details.

Trothe Limited 2019 Malbec

Trothe Limited Malbec 2019Trothe Limited is a new concept for the Horse Heaven Hills winery, showcasing the diversity of the AVA’s terroir. And this is the first in the series – a 100% Malbec grown in a single block at 1,040-foot elevation. Why is it called Limited? Production is limited to two barrels.

According to managing partner Jeff Andrews, “Mother Nature has never been predictable, even less so these days. We find that different blocks in our vineyard are particularly favored by the conditions of the growing season from year to year, and so the idea of Trothe Limited was born – to create a wine from grape varieties that have shone in that year.”

Aromas of black fruit, spices and milk chocolate lead into flavors of lingering dark fruit with hints of vanilla, laced with acidity and showing great structure.

This young wine is lively, elegant and oozing with the potential to be brilliant, impressive, splendid and superb. In other words, name a superlative and it will work. Further, this Malbec will continue to display deeper integration and complexity over the next 10 years.

If you absolutely must drink it now, decant, decant, decant. But we highly recommend that you are patient (and strong), and put this beauty in your cellar for a few years. You will be rewarded.

Of note, this is a special-occasion wine and/or targeted at collectors, with a price point of $162 (including shipping). Moreover, you can only access Trothe’s exclusive allocations by signing up for their Members List.

Trothe Dream Team

World-class Winemaking by Ray McKeeAcclaimed Trothe winemaker Ray McKee exudes a quiet confidence. Confidence that comes from experience, and in the terroir of Andrews Family Vineyards. Confidence in the dedication, passion and investment of a team with the same goal: making world-class wine that puts Washington’s Horse Heaven Hills AVA on the map as one of the best wine-growing regions. He and vineyards manager Todd Chapman both told us over dinner a few months ago that they are living the dream.

“We have ideas based on years of experience, and with this investment to quality world-class winemaking, we don’t have to comprise. We’re living the dream,” Ray said with a smile.

Trothe Story

At the dinner, we learned the Trothe story. Jani and Jeff Andrews started the Trothe project five years ago, joined by Ray and Todd. But the Andrews family has owned and operated the vineyards in the Horse Heaven Hills AVA since 1994, on land their family has farmed for generations.

Located across 1,300 acres in the northwest corner of the AVA, the Andrews Family Vineyards’ elevation ranges from 900 to 1,400 feet. The rugged landscape compares to wine regions in Australia and South Africa. But the average temperature and latitude align more closely to Bordeaux.

Trothe 2019 Cab SauvConsequently, Trothe’s 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon inaugural release received widespread accolades, described as exquisiteimpressive and remarkable. 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon also generated a buzz from critics. In addition, Trothe made 36 cases of 2021 Sauvignon Blanc, a gorgeous special limited-edition wine that Ray also opened at dinner. And now, this outstanding Malbec enhances Trothe’s excellent reputation.

Next, Trothe will be releasing a Syrah in January. We had a sneak peek at the dinner, when Ray declared: “I love Syrah.” When we tasted it, it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. But we look forward to tasting it again when it’s released in a few months.

Summary: Trothe Limited 2019 Malbec

In conclusion, Limited 2019 Malbec is an exciting new wine that spotlights the very best Trothe varieties and blocks from special vintages. We are excited about more magnificent wine from Trothe in the future.

In addition, we plan to tour Trothe’s new facility in the spring, see Ray and Todd again and meet Jeff.

Many thanks to Trothe for the sample.

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Margot and Dave