Top 20 Wines 2023

Top 20 Wines in 2023Here is our list of our top 20 wines in 2023. We tasted hundreds of wines last year. Some, we bought at wineries and retail outlets. Others, we tasted at wine events. Likewise, some kind folks shared their bottles with us, while others sent us samples. We also tasted many wines on incredible road trips to Horse Heaven Hills, Walla Walla, and Vancouver Island. Most importantly, we are wine enthusiasts, not wine critics. So, these wines are not scored. They simply made a lasting impression.

Write for Wine’s Top 20 Wines in 2023

Top Wines of 2023First, this list features wines such as sparklers, Bordeaux Blanc, Ortega, Albariño, Turbiana, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Malbec, and red blends. Further, multiple wine regions produce these excellent bottles: Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, France, and Italy. In addition, we chose only one bottle from each winery, so more wineries could be featured. Certainly, we loved all 20 of these impressive wines. Consequently, we encourage you to try them. Some of these vintages are no longer available, however you should be able to find recent releases instead. We recommend that you click on the winery links for more information.

Here is our list of Top 20 Wines in 2023 (in alphabetical order by winery)


In conclusion, our list of Top 20 Wines in 2023 consists of bottles from many wine regions in the world. Some of them are special-occasion wines because of their high quality and subsequently, high price point. Others are special good-value wines that we enjoyed throughout the year.

Finally, we encourage you to try some of them and check out the wineries’ websites for more information.

Above all, we hope you stay safe and have a healthy 2024, with many wonderful wine experiences.

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Happy New Year!
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