Thanksgiving Wines 2019

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we’re trying to decide what wines to pour. Do you know yet? Perhaps you’re looking for a good pairing for your turkey feast, or a special bottle to take to a family dinner or an evening with good friends.

If you love red wine, some good bets are Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Merlot. But if you prefer whites, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay work well. Rosé is also a good option. It depends on the foods you serve. Some wines pair well with turkey or sides, and others are best at parties. Overall, there is no right or wrong!

Here are 20 special wines that we recently tasted or are in our cellar. We are considering some of them for our Thanksgiving festivities. They were crafted in Washington state, Oregon, California, New Zealand and Spain, with prices ranging from $13-$60.

Thanksgiving Reds, Whites and Rosé

  1. TOIL Oregon 2016 Pinot Noir (Oregon) ($50)
  2. Boudreaux Cellars 2013 Merlot (Washington) ($60)
  3. Saviah Cellars The Funk Estate Syrah (Washington) ($60)
  4. Saviah Cellars The Stones Speak Syrah (Washington) ($55)
  5. Hard Row to Hoe 2016 Pinot Noir (Washington) ($40)
  6. Greywacke 2016 Pinot Noir (New Zealand) ($40)
  7. Villa Maria Taylors Pass Single Vineyard Pinot Noir 2015 (New Zealand) ($43)
  8. Soul Growers Serendipitous Pinot Noir 2017 (Australia) ($35)
  9. Murrieta’s Well 2016 Merlot Small Lot (California) ($46)
  10. TOIL Oregon 2017 Pinot Noir Rosé (Oregon) ($25)
  11. Succession Wines Rosé 2018 ($26)
  12.  Murrieta’s Well 2018 Dry Rosé (California) ($32)
  13. Hard Row to Hoe Shameless Hussy Rosé (Washington) ($25)
  14. Marqués de Cáceres 2018 Rosé (Spain) ($13)
  15. Villa Maria Taylors Pass Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2018 (New Zealand) ($26)
  16. Greywacke 2016 Wild Sauvignon (New Zealand) ($25)
  17. Greywacke 2015 Chardonnay (New Zealand) ($30)
  18. DeLille Cellars 2016 Chaleur Blanc (Washington) ($35)
  19. Lauren Ashton Cellars 2017 Chenin Blanc (Washington) ($25)
  20. Menade 2016 Verdejo (Spain) ($18)

Happy Thanksgiving! And many thanks for reading this blog over the last 12 years.

Margot and Dave