Taste WA 2023

Taste WA 2023It’s back! Taste WA 2023 is going to be epic. For two decades, we have called this festival “the Super Bowl of Wine Events.” It’s the country’s largest single-region wine and food extravaganza. So what are you waiting for? Taste Washington is around the corner, and you do not want to miss this explosion of tastes, fun and education on March 6-13 in Seattle — especially because organizers understandably cancelled the in-person activities for three years because of the pandemic. In addition, some early bird pricing is available if you get tickets soon.

Taste WA 2023

Wine Glasses Taste WA 2023First, Taste WA 2023 is back and better than before, with a full week of fun centered on Washington wine. Next, the two-day Grand Tasting (March 11-12) features more than 200 wineries and 50+ of the state’s best restaurants at the Lumen Field Event Center. In addition, favorite activities such as The New Vintage (March 10), Sunday Brunch (March 12), and seminars (March 11-12) showcase the magic of Washington wines – those you know and love, and other gems to discover.

Further, Pacific Standard (March 9) is a new, nautically inclined evening on the Seattle waterfront. As well, the highly anticipated Dinner Series (March 6-8), brings wine lovers and winemakers together to enjoy a meal prepared by premier chefs.

According to Taste WA, “Pacific Standard is the perfect Thursday night party and the ideal way to kick off the weekend. A reflection of Seattle’s Pacific Coast port-city roots, world-class ingredients and chefs, international inspirations and collaborations, Pacific Standard is a nautically inclined, wine-imbued, mountain-framed, pier-stacked, stuff-your-face-with-delicious-food kind of night.” Love that!

Finally, the day-after-festival event, No Frills (March 13), features the snacks that your favorite Seattle chefs eat when they go home at the end of the night. Of course, the snacks are paired with their favorite wines. “Think of this as the official after-party for Taste Washington!”

Tickets can be purchased at the above-mentioned event links.

The Grand Tasting: Make a Plan

We always give this same crucial advice to make the most of your Grand Tasting experience. Before you enter the doors, we highly recommend that you develop a plan. Because once there, you will be hit with a massive amount of taste potentials — and it can be overwhelming.

So make a list of wineries and restaurants you want to visit. But always leave room for some flexibility; chances are something will catch your eye as you walk through the aisles.

And wear comfortable shoes! Do not wear perfume or cologne.

Of note, we suggest tasting and spitting wine or pouring it into the buckets at each booth. However, if you think you might want more than a sip or two, check out hotels in the area because some offer special weekend packages. Otherwise, be sure to have a designated driver, or take cabs or local transit home.

Summary: Taste WA 2023

In conclusion, we are so excited that Taste Washington is back in 2023, after a three-year hiatus. We are really looking forward to the 2023 spectacular.

Further, the Washington State Wine Commission has teamed up with Seattle-based production company SE Productions to bring Taste Washington back. Long-time production partner, Visit Seattle, will act as a consultant this first year back to maintain the spirit of the festival. 

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Margot and Dave