Celebrating 10 Years

This month we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Write for Wine! Ten years – wow!

When the blog launched in June 2007, we wrote about Washington wines, wineries, events, wine clubs and wine bars from Woodinville to Walla Walla. Soon after, we began our presence on Twitter at @writeforwine — we now have almost 11.500 followers.

What a ride it’s been! These days, we continue to write about wine from Washington state, but we also feature wines from California, Oregon, B.C., France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain and more.

We have tasted some fine wine, met some terrific people, and travelled to many countries during the past 10 years. If you do a search on the blog, or scroll through the calendar archives, you will likely find a special gem or story that speaks to you. At least, we hope so!
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Happy New Year!

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 9.30.32 AMCheers and Happy New Year!

May your best day in 2013 be your worst day in 2014!

That’s my favorite new year’s toast ever, one I’ve shared with my dear friend Kathie in Ottawa for more than 20 years.

And it’s our new year’s wish to you! May your year be filled with good health and happiness, and yes, good wine!


We want to start 2014 with a shout out to our top five — no, make that six! — favorite wines that we enjoyed in 2013.

Happy New Year from your friends at Write for Wine — It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere!

Cheers again!

Margot and Dave

About Write for Wine

Washington state has an abundance of excellent wine. You’ve read about many of our favorites here at Write for Wine.

Those two sentences underscore our approach to this blog.

We do not consider ourselves critics; Write for Wine is not about reviews. We simply like to tell you about the wines that make us smile or cheer or sigh with content – wines that create an “aha moment.”

And maybe, just maybe, if you like some of the wines we like, you’ll come back to read more, and share your favorites with us, too.

So … if we don’t like a wine, we don’t write about it. There’s too much great wine to discuss, so why waste time on wine that doesn’t appeal to us?

Importantly, if we don’t write about a wine, that doesn’t necessarily mean the wine is not good. It simply means our palates prefer other wines.

Or, sometimes it means that life has gotten in the way of our time spent on this blog, and we’ll write about it soon. There are many wonderful wines in our queue for the weeks ahead. Thanks for your patience while we catch up on the list!