Super Bowl of Wine

Yes, we know Taste Washington is not officially or unofficially called “the Super Bowl of Wine Events.” But for more than a decade, we have bestowed that title on the country’s largest single-region wine and food extravaganza.

This year, Taste Washington features more than 235 wineries, 65 restaurants and some of the nation’s top chefs.

So run, don’t walk to get your tickets. You do not want to miss this explosion of tastes, fun and education on March 28-31 in Seattle.

The event is the result of a continued partnership between Visit Seattle and Washington State Wine.


This four-day experience is packed with diverse activities, and different pass options.

Connoisseur pass holders gain entry to the full wine and food wonderland, adding up to four days of non-stop deliciousness. The Enthusiast pass offers VIP access to The New Vintage and both days of the Grand Tasting. You can purchase a two-day Grand Tasting ticket, or a one-day ticket for either Saturday or Sunday.

We love to go to Taste Washington every year and are really looking forward to the 2019 spectacular.

2019 Activities

The Grand Tasting: Make a Plan

Every year, we give this same crucial advice to making the most of your Grand Tasting experience. Before you enter the doors, we highly recommend that you develop a plan. Because once there, you will be hit with a massive amount of taste potentials — and it can be overwhelming.

So make a list of wineries and restaurants you want to make sure to visit. But always leave room for some flexibility; chances are something will catch your eye as you walk through the aisles.

And wear comfortable shoes! But do not wear perfume or cologne.

Of note, we recommend tasting and spitting wine (or pouring it into the buckets at each booth) at this major event, but if you think you might want more than a sip or two, many hotels in the area are offering special weekend packages. Otherwise, be sure to have a designated driver, or take cabs or local transit home.

Have questions? There might be answers in the Taste Washington FAQs.

We hope to see you there!

Margot and Dave