Seaweed Wine – Seriously

As soon as Laura, my boss at the PR agency, sent me a link to an online article about seaweed wine, I immediately wondered if it would pair well with sushi. My second thought was – why would someone want to drink seaweed wine?

I’m not sure what that says about me but nonetheless this wine, made of sweet brown seaweed (aka sugar kelp algae or more scientifically laminaria saccharina seaweed), is the real deal.

According to Colorado Biz Magazine, Foods Matter and a number of other online publications, Dr. Inez Linke, a German marine biologist, is making healthy wine from this seaweed. 

Apparently the wine tastes like fine sherry, and there are claims that it boosts the immune system and might have a beneficial effect on skin, particularly for those who suffer from eczema. 

The cost of a bottle in Germany is $25-$28, and Linke says it has started to gather a fan base of connoisseurs and chefs, who use it in cocktails and haute cuisine. Nothing about sushi. I still think seaweed wine and sushi would go together swimmingly!