Sauvignon Blanc Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.26.51 PMMay 7 is Sauvignon Blanc Day, and we raise our glass to our favorite white wine. #SauvBlancDay is a global, virtual, day-long celebration. St. Supéry in Napa Valley founded #SauvBlancDay in 2010 to celebrate this racy grape, and it is now celebrated every year around the world. So it seems fitting that the first bottle we open on this special day is St. Supéry 2019 Napa Valley Estate Sauvignon Blanc. Read on for more about this beautiful wine, and about Sauv Blanc itself.

Sauvignon Blanc

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 1.27.04 PMCertainly, we love Sauvignon Blanc with seafood all year round; but in the summer months, we absolutely adore the crisp, refreshing flavors even more. Sauv Blanc pairs perfectly with hot sun on the deck or warm summer nights. This wine drinks well alone, but it also pairs nicely with prawns, scallops and oysters, in addition to other seafood dishes and grilled asparagus. Or look at St. Supéry’s tasty recipes to complement their Sauv Blanc and other wines.

Sauvignon Blanc is both an old-world and new-world wine, grown and produced in Washington state, California, British Columbia, Ontario, France, New Zealand and other wine regions. While the most popular style is “light and crisp,” other styles include “fruity and smooth,”  “rich and creamy” and “elegant.” The flavors can range from grassy to tropical.

St. Supéry 2019 Napa Valley Estate Sauvignon Blanc

St. Supery Sauvignon BlancFirst, this beautiful Sauv Blanc opens with aromatics of grapefruit, lime and a hint of licorice. Next, flavors of more grapefruit, peach and lemon zest follow. These classic flavors are fresh, juicy and rounded. That is to say, this is a vibrant, powerful glass of summer. St. Supéry Estate Vineyards and Winery is a 100% Estate-grown, sustainably farmed winery located in the heart of Napa Valley.

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In conclusion, we hope you also lift a glass on Sauvignon Blanc Day. Above all, we thank St. Supéry for creating this special day, and also for the sample.

Moreover, we love to sip on chilled, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc on warm sunny evenings on the deck or the patio, lakeside or poolside. It’s also great to pair with beautiful sunsets!

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Margot and Dave