Sauv Blanc-Crisp Wine for Summer

The summer whites that top our list right now are JM Cellars 2008 Sauvignon Blanc and Efeste 2008 Feral Sauvignon Blanc.

We first tasted Feral when it was released in March. Made using native, wild yeast for fermentation, the grapefruit aromas inherent to Sauv Blanc are enhanced, and the mouthfeel is somehow both rich and crisp at the same time.  And for me personally, Efeste’s 2008 Feral was the kickstart to drinking white wine again after more than a decade of reds only.

Had it not been for my newly found fondness for Feral, I probably never would have even tasted JM Cellars 2008 Sauvignon Blanc. Thankfully, I did. JM Cellars Sauv Blanc’s refreshing and delicious white is paired perfectly with hot sun on the deck or with warm summer nights. In other words, it drinks well alone, although chilled prawns and other summer treats go well with it too.

This is the ninth year that the JM Cellars Sauvignon Blanc was made from old-vine grapes from award-winning Klipsun Vineyard in Red Mountain. Its pure citrus flavors come from fermentation and aging in stainless steel. The 2006 vintage was rated 90 by Wine Advocate.

I am so glad that I took the red blinders off this summer, because Sauv Blanc is an amazing way to enhance any summer day.