Sample Policy

Write for Wine Sample PolicyAt Write for Wine, we have a specific sample policy, which we hope you will accept. We welcome samples of wine and spirits, as well as related products, for editorial consideration on this blog and on our social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We accept samples from wineries, distilleries, distributors, importers, PR and marketing representatives, and companies selling related products.

In addition, we also personally purchase wine and spirits for editorial consideration.

We accept invitations to visit wineries, trade events, vineyards, travel destinations and restaurants. Please note that two of us generally attend events and travel together.

We will disclose in any subsequent blog posts that free samples were received. But we will only write about the wines, spirits or related products that we like.

Sample Policy and Our Overall Approach

This sample policy adheres to the overall approach at Write for Wine: We do not consider ourselves critics; this blog is not about reviews. Rather, we like to tell people about our favorite wines and spirits. If we don’t like a wine or spirits, we do not write about it for two reasons.

First, there is too much good wine and spirits around the world to waste time writing about those that we don’t like.

Second, just because we don’t like a sample doesn’t mean it isn’t good; it simply means our palates prefer other wines and spirits. Just because we don’t write about a wine or alcohol product doesn’t mean it isn’t good, either.

Of note, all email related to samples should include a website link and social media handles or hashtags to use in conjunction with them. Of course, samples should also be accompanied by product information such as country of origin, technical notes and suggested retail price.

If you agree with our sample policy, please contact for a delivery address. Thanks!