Sample Policy

Write for Wine’s policy about wine samples is simple: We accept samples of wine and wine-related products, and will disclose in any subsequent blog posts that free samples were received. But we will only write about the wines or wine-related products that we like.

This policy adheres to the overall approach at Write for Wine: We do not consider ourselves critics; this blog is not about reviews. Rather, we like to tell people about our favorite wines. If we don’t like a wine, we do not write about it.

First, there is too much good wine around the world to waste time writing about wine that we don’t like.

Second, just because we don’t like a sample of wine doesn’t mean it isn’t good; it simply means our palates prefer other wines. Just because we don’t write about a wine product doesn’t mean it isn’t good, either.

If you agree with our sample policy, please contact for a delivery address. Thanks!