Party Rosé

BOXT Party RoséNational Rosé Day is June 10th, and if you’re looking for a wine lover’s rosé to share with friends, look no further. BOXT offers a party rosé that contains the equivalent of four bottles of wine. Or, if you prefer to celebrate quietly, you can also simply enjoy one glass at a time, because BOXT stays fresh for up to six weeks. BOXT rosé is a crisp, refreshing wine that is crafted in Napa and delivered in lovely, sustainable wood packaging. We sampled it with friends at a party we hosted and it scored!

Party Rosé

BOXT Party RoséAt the party, both wine lovers and wine geeks gave BOXT rosé a thumbs up. It is a perfect party rosé because one BOXT ($74) contains the equivalent of four bottles of wine. We kept it in the fridge until party time, and then set it on the deck in the shade. After a couple of hours, we put ice packs around it and it stayed cool as the guests partied on.

But, if you’re not in the mood to party, you could simply sip on a glass or two of this beautiful rosé for up to six weeks. This means that if you want to celebrate National Rosé Day by yourself, with another person or another couple, you can continue to pour glasses for days to come.


BOXT Rosé in GlassHow does this rosé taste? BOXT is a dry Rosé of Pinot Noir, with a delicate pale pink color, subtle floral aromas and flavors of strawberries, orange zest and pomegranate. It paired well with crab cocktails and cilantro shrimp at our party. You could also serve it with salmon or barbecued chicken. Or you could sip on it without food, as we did on the deck lakeside, the days before and after our party. Yes, it was so refreshing during this unusual May heat wave that we drank it three nights in a row.

All 20 people at our party really enjoyed BOXT rosé, and several asked how to find it. Since BOXT is direct-to-consumer, you can purchase it online. Be sure to hang tight to your empty BOXT, because you can also buy refills.

And there’s more. BOXT is eco-friendly – sustainably sourced and lab-tested for purity – and has less environmental impact than a single glass bottle. The 100% compostable BOXT is lighter to ship and uses 50% less carbon emissions than a single bottle. In addition, a tree is planted for every BOXT produced.

Moreover, BOXT comes in eight unique flavor profiles — three whites and four reds as well as the rosé. And if you don’t like the wine purchased, it’s on them.

Summary: Party Rosé

In conclusion, BOXT offers a party rosé to make your guests smile on National Rosé Day. And you can also celebrate by using the code ‘ROSEALLDAY’ for $10 off your first purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? National Rosé Day is June 10th, which is just a few weeks away.

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Margot and Dave