Our Favorite 50 Washington Wineries in 2019

NYE WineHappy New Year! As we begin 2020, it’s time for our annual Favorite Washington Wineries List for the previous year. The way to get on our list is fairly simple. Above all, wineries must offer great juice and good people who provide an excellent wine experience.

Perhaps we had fun or learned something in a tasting room, a wine shop tasting, or at a wine event. Maybe someone from a winery sent us a personal note or wine samples. Likewise, we were occasionally invited to an incredible winery party.

Most noteworthy, the people who made our experience special are the winemakers, the tasting room staff, and the amazing workers in the vineyards where it all begins.

Newcomers to Our 2019 List

La Chanterelle Bellingham





First of all, we welcome two new wineries to the 2019 list. Succession Wines of Lake Chelan and La Chanterelle of Bellingham. Succession Wines became a favorite during a Chelan wine tour, the Bellingham Northwest Wine Festival and at the Auction of Washington Wines picnic.  Certainly, our favorites include Succession 2018 Syrah Rosé, 2017 Bridge Builder Blend and 2017 Syrah.

Furthermore, we also discovered our local winery, La Chanterelle, which generated buzz in 2019. Their 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon impressed as one of our favorite BBQ reds this summer. Their 2016 Syrah was a hit at a recent holiday party.

Consequently, we are keeping our eyes on both Succession and La Chanterelle in 2020.

Write for Wine’s Top 50 Washington Wineries (in alphabetical order):

  1. Alexandria Nicole Cellars
  2. Ambassador Wines of Washington
  3. Avennia
  4. B. Leighton
  5. Barrage Cellars
  6. Barrister Winery
  7. Bartholomew Winery
  8. Betz Family Winery
  9. Boudreaux Cellars
  10. Chateau Ste. Michelle
  11. Columbia Crest
  12. Corliss Estate
  13. DeLille Cellars 
  14. Doubleback
  15. Double Canyon
  16. Dunham Cellars
  17. Efeste
  18. Eternal Wines / Drink Washington State
  19. Fidelitas
  20. Fielding Hills
  21. Figgins
  22. Force Majeure
  23. Forgeron Cellars
  24. Guardian Cellars
  25. Hard Row to Hoe
  26. Henry Earl 
  27. J. Bookwalter
  28. JM Cellars
  29. Lauren Ashton Cellars 
  30. La Chanterelle
  31. L’Ecole 41
  32. Le Bec Fin-Chateau Beck
  33. Leonetti
  34. Long Shadows 
  35. Mercer Estates
  36. Newsprint
  37. Obelisco
  38. Otis Kenyon
  39. Passing Time
  40. Quilceda Creek
  41. Reynvaan
  42. Saviah Cellars
  43. Succession Wines
  44. The Walls 
  45. Toil Oregon
  46. Two Vintners
  47. Upchurch Vineyard
  48. Va Piano Vineyards
  49. Walla Walla Vintners
  50. Woodward Canyon

Finally, to these people, we thank and support you. Most importantly, cheers to Washington state wine!

Happy New Year!
Margot and Dave
Write for Wine — it’s Wine O’clock Somewhere!