L’Ecole Syrah

LEcole Syrah by the LakeGetting ready to barbecue? Pick up a bottle of L’Ecole Syrah Columbia Valley 2018. Sure, most people think about refreshing white wine during this warm weather. And if you want to start your evening with a white, go for it. But once you fire up the grill, open this beautiful L’Ecole Syrah. It’s an easy-drinking crowd pleaser and only costs $25. Consequently, with ribs or a bacon blue-cheese burger, this Syrah is amazing. So what are you waiting for? Run, don’t walk, to grab a bottle for a BBQ before summer is over! Read on for more details.

L’Ecole Syrah Columbia Valley 2018

LEcole SyrahThis Heritage Collection Syrah is blended with Grenache (18%) and Mourvèdre (2%). As a result, the flavors are spicy, jammy, savory, complex and velvety on the palate. On the nose, aromas of cherries, blackberries, raspberries and herbs entice. Filled with character, this fruit-forward L’Ecole Syrah clocks in at 15% alcohol. But high sugars are balanced by bright acidity. According to L’Ecole winemaker Marcus Rafanelli, you can’t taste the heat because of the good balance of acidity and fruit. He notes the Grenache and Mourvèdre also smooth it out.

Further, medium tannins and good acidity are a perfect accompaniment to the smoky, earthy aromas and flavors of L’Ecole Syrah. Marcus says the tannins cut through the fat from the meat. Therefore, you can pair this red wine with anything on the grill. That includes ribeye steaks, ribs, bacon-blue cheeseburgers and lamb. In addition, non-meat options include mushroom risotto, blue cheese and parmesan reggiano. We drank this Syrah over two nights, and it complemented grilled brats, chili and barbecued steaks. Everyone agreed it is delicious!

Likewise, L’Ecole Syrah Columbia Valley 2018 is a wonderful wine to celebrate Washington wine month in August. However, it will go well with the winter months too.

Syrah in Washington

Red Willow Vineyard in Yakima in the Columbia Valley planted the the first Washington state Syrah in 1986. Most importantly, Washington state is ideally suited to maximize the full expression of Syrah. Consequently, it’s the third-most planted grape in the state.

Certainly, Columbia Valley is the largest appellation in eastern Washington. Comprising of the river drainage of the Columbia River, the valley sits in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains, and is dry, sunny, and warm.

The grapes for L’Ecole Syrah 2018 come from from four well-known WA vineyards in the Columbia Valley – Estate Seven Hills, Stone Tree, Candy Mountain and Summit View.

Summary: L’Ecole Syrah

In conclusion, we highly recommend L’Ecole Syrah 2018 for your next barbecue. At $25, this tasty red wine is a steal. Learn more and buy L’Ecole Syrah on the winery’s website.

As mentioned in previous posts, we are collaborating with L’Ecole in a 2021 wine education program. This beautiful 2018 Syrah is one of several new releases we taste throughout the year. L’Ecole offers dozens of varieties in their portfolio. For instance, the winery produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Bordeaux blends, Sémillon, Rosé and more. The full list of their wines is available at their website.

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