Late Bottled Vintage Port

Late Bottled Vintage PortFor more than two centuries, consumers have considered Dow’s Port from Symington Family Estates as some of the finest port from the vineyards of the Upper Douro Valley in Portugal. Most importantly, Dow deserves its reputation. Certainly, we discovered this again when we opened a bottle of Dow’s 2016 Late Bottled Vintage Port. Dow only crafts this LBV port during the best years. Read on for more details.

The Story of Dow’s Late Bottled Vintage Port

Fourth- and- fifth- generation members of the Symington family manage Dow, one of the leading port producers in Portugal. Over the past 25 years, they have worked hard in the vineyards and the wineries to constantly improve their premium ports.

Above all, this hard work is evident in the quality of Dow’s Late Bottled Vintage Port (LBV), which has consistently won more awards that most other LBV Ports on the market. First, consumers and critics recognize it globally as an industry standard for excellence. Next, you can find it in first-rate restaurants and on several international airlines. Moreover, according to the Dow website, port drinkers in many countries around the world appreciate its LBV Port.

Dow’s 2016 Late Bottled Vintage Port

Dow Late Bottled Vintage Port FireplaceWe sipped on a glass of Dow’s 2016 Late Bottled Vintage Port after dinner the other night. But I’m dreaming about pouring my next glass while reading a book near our fireplace. After just a small glass, we understood why Dow’s LBV receives many awards in the port market, and why people globally recognize it as an industry standard of excellence.

Dow’s LBV showcases pretty black fruit aromas that are mirrored on a substantial and balanced palate, with luscious fruit flavors and Dow’s distinctive dry finish. However, it’s a bit sweet, of course, so we recommend it as a wonderful digestif after a delicious meal. Or perhaps you’d prefer it with a cheese course. That is to say – Saúde!


In conclusion, Dow’s LBV Port is full-bodied, with the classic Dow dry finish. Many consider it one of the finest LBV Ports available, and we agree.

For example, drink it as a smooth nightcap, paired perfectly with a roaring fire in the fireplace. Likewise, enjoy it with friends or sip on it as you read a book after a good meal.

Thanks for the sample, Calhoun & Company Communications. This is a winner!

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