It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere

FB Wine OclockIf you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, or if you have a look at the Wine O’Clock tab on this blog, you will see that my motto is “It’s wine o’clock somewhere.”

It’s been my motto for about five or more years. In fact, you can also find this Write for Wine blog at

I initially heard the phrase from Peter, a London friend and colleague. Every Friday, at 5:30 p.m. in London, Peter would tell me that it’s wine o’clock. In Seattle, it was the beginning of the day. So I decided to add “somewhere” to Peter’s phrase and adopted it as my own.

And the phrase “It’s wine o’clock somewhere” never fails to inspire creative responses from other wine enthusiasts on Facebook and Twitter.

One tweet – to my surprise and delight – flagged that a Wine O’Clock Wine Bar is in Prosser in central Washington. So of course we made a special trip to the Wine O’Clock Wine Bar when we visited Prosser at the end of September. Unfortunately, the wine bar was closed. But as you can see, we took photos by the sign! 

So thank you, Peter, and cheers! It’s wine o’clock somewhere!