Harvest in the Vines – Alexandria Nicole Cellars

One of our favorite annual winery events is Alexandria Nicole Cellars Harvest in the Vines Party, and this year was no exception. I plan to write a blog post with details of the party, the new ANC wine releases, our hosts Ali and Jarrod Boyle, and our fellow Tweeters who joined us at a special Twitter table at the party — when I get back from my continuing travels. For now, I (unfortunately) only have time to once again share my Twitter stream, which includes photos. I hope you enjoy!

Who’s on the bus to @ancwine Harvest party tomorrow? @wino4ever @writeforwine @laurieblondon @stacyh @titusk

RT @ancwine: Our Harvest Party hashtag is #anchp (ANC Harvest Party) @wino4ever @writeforwine @laurieblondon @stacyh @titusk @yakyakwine

Just got back from the Richland river walk, preparing for #anchp @ancwine Destiny Ridge Vineyard

Might be the last weekend for convertible driving in the heat this year – 84 degrees in Tri-cities & perfect for @ancwine harvest party #anchp

Ali and Dave from @writeforwine at the harvest party. #anchp http://twitpic.com/2rzoxp

Photo of great guy, Therron from @ancwine in Prosser http://twitpic.com/2safsz at Harvest Party #anchp

Music by Java Tunes and Wayman Chapman at ANC Harvest Party. #anchp  http://twitpic.com/2rztqo

Twitter table at @ancwine Harvest Party #anchp @wino4ever @yakyakwine @writeforwine @stacy @titusk

Sitting with Scott @wino4ever and Ev @ancwine party #anchp http://twitpic.com/2s1lk7

Out of focus @yakyakwine and@boxboylover at harvest party #anchp http://twitpic.com/2s1nh9

Ali and Jarrod a wee bit out of focus #anchp at @ancwine Harvest Party #anchp http://twitpic.com/2s1l41

Danced to Twist & Shout with Dave, @yakyakwine & @boxboylover & @stacyh and Brett and Ali @ancwine at Harvest party -so much fun! #anchp

RT @yakyakwine #anchp Moonrise at Destiny Ridge @ancwine http://yfrog.com/mub47tj

RT @yakyakwine #anchp Jose and the crew. Great Job!! @ancwine http://yfrog.com/03g21qvj

Thanks Ali and Jarrod, Vida, Matt, Jose, Therron, Rachel, Shannon and the rest of the staff @ancwine for a fabulous party last night #anchp

So disappointed that @stacyh and @titusk decided not to sing on stage last night @ancwine harvest party #anchp

And in the name of full disclosure, I help tweet for ANC in my spare time.

A great time was had by all!


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