Happy New Year

Happy New YearAlong with all of you, we look forward to a happy new year. But we will always remember 2020 as a year of tremendous challenges and uncertainty, for all of us and for the wine industry. However, many good things also happened in 2020 – we spent more time together at home with loved ones and our pets. We really valued the moments we shared with family and friends, even at a distance. We saw so many neighbors helping neighbors. And we spent more time enjoying wine outside.

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Oh what a different world we experienced in 2020, especially compared to what we expected on this day 12 months ago. Our travels to different wine regions were cancelled or postponed. Our visits to winery tasting rooms became wine tastings at home or with friends at a distance. Instead, we supported the wine industry by ordering online or at local retail outlets.  Nobody was drinking “quarantinis” before 2020. Like everyone, our lives changed in many ways.

We know 2020 has been incredibly hard for many, and it will still be difficult into 2021. But we can’t help but dream of a better world later in the year. So let’s take as many positives as we can from 2020 with us and leave the rest as memory.

Above all, we are grateful to the frontline healthcare workers, who continue to help people day in and day out. We are thankful for those of you who wear masks, and take measures to keep yourself and others around you safe. Certainly, we appreciate our dear family and friends more than words can say.

As always, thank you for your support for Write for Wine over the last 13+ years, here and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

We wish you a safe and healthy 2021 filled with happiness and love.

Cheers! Happy New Year!
Margot and Dave

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