Full Pull Wines in South Seattle

There’s a new wine retailer in town, but this one is unique. All you will find in Full Pull Wines is Washington State wines. This is bound to please supporters of this state’s fine wines … like us, for example. And the company’s business model is unusual too.

Full Pull Wines is the brainchild of Paul Zitarelli, who was kind enough to send me some information just prior to its launch. He noted that the Washington-focused venture is a non-traditional retailer operating out of a warehouse in SODO. Full Pull sells wine through a mailing list, using a one-offer-per-day model. After ordering, you can pick your wine up at the warehouse or have it shipped.

According to my colleague at Wine Peeps, “If you are a shopper like me who loves the personal attention and customer service of Nordstrom but prefers the prices of Target, Full Pull Wines could be the perfect wine retailer for you.”

We haven’t made it to the warehouse yet, but we hope to visit it and meet Paul one of these days soon. I just signed up for the mailing list, which is the only way to purchase wine from Full Pull. Hopefully you’ll do the same and support a new Washington wine venture.