Favorite Wines in 2022 – Part 3

Favorite Wines in 2022Here are our favorite wines in 2022 – Part 3. You might recall that in early January we revealed our favorite 20 wines last year. We compiled the list after tasting hundreds of wines in 2022. These 20 wines made a lasting impression. However, we simply published a list of the wines, with links to their wineries. Therefore, over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more details about these wines. Read on for Part 3.

Our list of Favorite Wines in 2022 – Part 3 (in alphabetical order by winery)

Maison Evenstad 2016 Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru (France)

Favorite Wines 2022 Maison Evenstad 2016 Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier CruAt an in-depth tasting at Domaine Serene in 2021, we liked Maison Evenstad Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru Les Rues de Chaux 2016 the most. You can imagine how exquisite this outstanding wine tasted, being our #1 choice out of so many stellar wines we tried. Dark, intense, balanced and amazing, this impressive wine can be enjoyed now or cellared up to 15 years.

We waited until late last year to open it at home, and it was even better than at the tasting room. Wish we had more patience, but well, here we are! This was our first visit to Domaine Serene, the gorgeous Oregon winery renowned for world-class Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. We reveled in spectacular views, stunning wines and exceptional hospitality. We immediately understood why the Domaine Serene brand is synonymous with luxury, elegance and quality. And our experience was epic.

MAN Family 2021 Wines Free-Run Steen Chenin Blanc (South Africa)

MAN Family Chenin BlancWe adored MAN Family 2021 Wines Free-Run Steen Chenin Blanc. First, this wine drinks way above its $12 price point. Second, while it will be a perfect summer sipper on a hot day, it pairs well with seafood and poultry dishes all year. We enjoyed it with crab dip and prawns. This is a crisp, expressive and mouth-watering Chenin Blanc with minerality and vibrant acidity from grapes grown in Malmesbury shale. Aromas of pear and pineapple lead into beautiful flavors of apples and hints of peaches and tropical fruits.

Steen, the traditional South African word for Chenin Blanc, thrives in the climate and deep soils of the region. MAN Family Wines “started with a simple idea, to make a wine we’d love to drink.” José Condé (of Stark-Condé Wines ) and brothers Tyrrel and Phillip Myburgh (of Joostenberg Wine) began making wine together in 2001. The winery’s name comes from the first initials of each of their wives, Marie, Anette and Nicky. From the initial cases made in a tractor shed, MAN Family Wines now produces more than 175,000 cases per year and exports to 25 countries.

Bodegas Martin Códax 2021 Albariño (Spain)

Bodegas Martin Codax Albarino 2021We took Bodegas Martin Códax 2021 Albariño to a Thanksgiving feast with friends, who quickly polished it off. We weren’t the only ones who loved it! Martín Códax is an innovative winery in the heart of Rías Baixas, founded more than 25 years ago by 50 local farmers. This Albariño bears the name of 13th-century poet and performer, Martín Códax, whose songs are still celebrated in the coastal villages of Galicia. This bright wine opens with aromas of apples, lemons and mandarin oranges. On the palate, flavors of pears and apricots mingle with herbaceous and balsamic notes, threaded with minerality. Some critics labelled it “an Albariño with the soul of the sea.”

The winery is one of the only producers in the region to harvest 100% of their grapes by hand. Today, Martín Códax oversees more than 1,400 small vineyard parcels farmed by 550 families. Winemaking in Rías Baixas dates back thousands of years. However, the region didn’t establish a global reputation until the past few decades. Subsequently, the area is now well-known as a producer of top-quality wines from its signature grape, Albariño. This grape represents 96% of all plantings there.

Ottella 2021 Le Creete Turbiana Lugana DOC (Italy)

Ottella Le Creete LuganaOttella 2021 Le Creete Turbiana Lugana DOC is the first bottle we opened on New Year’s Eve (and therefore one of our last bottles of 2022). From the festive label to the beautiful, balanced acidity and citrusy flavors, Le Creete was the right choice to ring in 2023. We understand why this is Ottella’s signature wine. The winery grows the Turbiana grape in Le Creete Vineyard, in the purest of clays, in the heart of Lugana. Therefore, the minerality is amazing, while aromas and flavors of grapefruit, lemons and hints of candied tropical fruit entice another sip. We enjoyed this lovely white wine as an excellent apéritif. But you could also serve it with lake and sea fish, soups, pasta, rice dishes and strong-flavored cheese.

Ottella has been producing these wines since 1905 – the only Veronese producer of Lugana at that time. They check all our boxes for incredible white wine – mineral-driven, elegant and complex, with citrus, salinity and refreshing acidity. Consequently, this Ottella wine shines  with personality and character, and is versatile, approachable, age-worthy and food-friendly. Lugana DOC is a small northeast wine region on the southern tip of Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake and one of the deepest in the world.

Saviah Cellars 2017 The Funk Syrah (Washington)

Favorite Wines 2022 Saviah Cellars 2017 Funk SyrahWe are huge Saviah Cellars fans. To us, Saviah has it all – magnificent wine, a great location and friendly, knowledgeable people who know how to take care of you. And let’s not forget layers and layers of funk – the wine is funky, and then there’s Funk Vineyard. And last but not least, the talented winemaker, Richard Funk, who crafts outstanding wines, year after year.

The Funk Estate Vineyard is located in The Rocks District — mostly basalt pebbles, cobbles and boulders washed from the Blue Mountains. We simply love this full-bodied, intense 2017 The Funk Syrah. This is a rock star wine! (pun intended) It is funky, briny and savory with notes of herbs, olives, coffee, earth, smoked meat and dark fruit. Perfect for a special occasion, we opened this on my birthday last April, paired with my husband’s BBQ steaks.

Summary: Favorite Wines in 2022 – Part 3

In conclusion, our list of 20 Favorite Wines in 2022 consists of bottles from many wine regions in the world. Some of them are special-occasion wines because of their high quality and high price point. Others are special good-value wines that we enjoyed throughout the year.

Finally, we encourage you to try some of them and check out the wineries’ websites for more information. Further, have a look at Part 1 and Part 2, with details of the first ten wines on our list.

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Margot and Dave