Facebook or Twitter?

On a whim this week, I decided to ask people which social media platform they would choose, if they could only use Facebook or Twitter, and not both. I posed the same question on on my two Twitter accounts @writeforwine and @margotsavell and also on my Facebook page.

The poll, which obviously was not scientific, was held for about 24 hours. Not surprisingly, the seven responses on my Facebook page typically voted for Facebook. My favorite response was written by one of my former managers, Keith Greer, who stated “FB. How can i possibly antagonize you fully in 140 characters or less?” Ah Keith, if anyone can, it’s you!

On Twitter, 30 people answered the question with mixed reactions. Sixteen of them preferred Twitter–again not surprisingly. But five preferred Facebook and four copped out by answering “both.” (People, the question was clear – you could only choose one! :))

So where were the remaining five votes?

Five people replied that they would personally prefer Twitter, but they would recommend Facebook over Twitter for wine brands. Interesting!

Here is a sample of a few more responses:

pmabray for myself personally, twitter, if I were a wine brand, FB.

waderockett For chat [conversations], FB beats Twitter. FB forwards messages/comments via SMS to my mobile, Twitter makes me sit and watch.

wino4ever I guess it would have to be FB – more control over who views it.

rhodesjpdx I’d have to go w/ Facebook. More of my personal and professional connections sustained through it.

RigginsConst  Twitter is WAY more conversational than FB. FB is better for sharing photos.

hornOKplease  twitter all the way

paulbalcerak Twitter, hands down.

Funny, but many people on Facebook simply replied “FB” without elaboration. Maybe they should consider how successful they’d be with a 140-character limitation on Twitter? (Sorry friends, couldn’t resist joking about it!)

What would your vote be?


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