Eagle Creek Winery and Visconti’s – Best of Leavenworth

We opened a bottle of Eagle Creek 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon (Bacchus) on the weekend and we were wow’d! This elegant wine was like smooth velvet and had a price point of only $26.00. I wish we had purchased more during our trip to Leavenworth a few weeks ago.

We also bought a bottle of Eagle Creek 2006 Montage, a spicy, smoky blend of Cab Franc and Merlot, which I think will pair well with my husband’s delicious spaghetti.

Located just outside Leavenworth, Eagle Creek is the town’s oldest winery, with a new downtown tasting room called d’Vinery. Unfortunately, our schedule didn’t match the times that the winery was open. But  d’Vinery was pouring until 7 p.m. that day, so we stopped by before dinner.

In addition to the excellent wines, d’Vinery showcased beautiful hand-carved woodwork by winemaker Ed Rutledge; it was convenientally located on Front Street, and the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. Eagle Creek’s d’Vinery was one of our highlights during our brief time in Leavenworth.

Another highlight was Visconti’s Ristorante Italiano — it was amazing and surpassed many of the restaurants we’ve tried in both Vancouver (B.C.) and Seattle! Visconti’s was casual chic, with superb pasta  and an award-winning wine list. Our experience made it clear why Wine Spectator has given its Award of Excellence to Visconti’s for nine years in a row. If this restaurant were situated in Seattle or Vancouver, the lineups would be around the block.

During our next visit, we will definitely go back to Visconti’s. And we will plan to visit Eagle Creek Winery itself and its vineyards — and maybe even stay in the winery’s on-site chalet just outside town.


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