Drink This: Wine Made Simple

I just received a publisher’s advance copy of the book Drink This: Wine Made Simple and I can’t wait to read it. Yes, I received a free review copy, but quite frankly, I suspect I would have bought it when it’s released next week.

I deliberately used the word “suspect” because I haven’t read it yet — it literally just arrived in the mail. But the publicity from Random House makes me look forward to cracking it open.

Written by four-time James Beard award-winning food and wine writer, Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, the book is described as having answers to questions such as “does price really equal quality?” and “why are some wines meant to age and others immediately drinkable?”

 “A down-to-earth guide that shows you how and why to stop being intimidated, educate and cultivate your own palate, gain the confidence to approach your local vintners or sommeliers when it’s decision-time, and be whatever kind of wine person you want to be.”

So this post is a heads up that I will be telling you more about this book as I read it in the days and weeks ahead – but if you don’t want to wait, check it out yourself. It might make a perfect gift for that person on your list who loves wine and wants to know more about it.