Destination Lugana

Destination LuganaWe have been Lugana lovers for years, so we were excited to find out about “Destination Lugana” – a two-week event that continues through June 22 in New York. That’s when Lugana DOC wines will flow from Lake Garda, Italy, to New York restaurants in celebration of this incredible wine region. Lugana Turbiana checks all our boxes for beautiful white wine – mineral-driven, elegant and complex, with citrus, salinity and refreshing acidity. Now, if you live in New York or are planning to visit this month, you have the opportunity to taste it for yourself at Destination Lugana, made possible by the Consorzio Tutela Lugana DOC.

Destination Lugana

Lugana DOC is a small northeast wine region on the border between the two provinces of Brescia and Verona. Specifically, it is on the southern tip of Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake and one of the deepest in the world. Italy established Lugana DOC in 1967. But farmers have been cultivating Turbiana grapes in the area since the Roman Empire.

Temperate breezes help keep the grapes healthy and free from pests. And the minor difference between day and night temperatures creates a “climactic cradle,” which is perfect for growing the Turbiana grape.

Destination Lugana features wines from 19 producers, which will be offered at six restaurants and private clubs in Manhattan. Each restaurant will curate one reservation-only intimate dinner with specially designed menus to complement the qualities and main characteristics of these wines. The clubs will offer diverse tasting experiences to their members.

The six participating restaurants are: IL FIORISTA, VICEVERSA, GNOCCO, HEARTH,

Lugana Wines

Destination Lugana WinesWe are Lugana lovers, and over the years, we found all the Lugana wines we’ve tasted shine with personality and character in every single sip. They are versatile, approachable, age-worthy, food friendly and wallet friendly. In terms of food pairings, Lugana wines can stand alone as an aperitivo or with cheeses such as parmigiano or gorgonzola. However, Turbiana also pairs well with herring, other freshwater fish, grilled chicken, pizza, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Indian foods. We sampled these three Turbiana wines as part of Destination Lugana.

Cantine Scolari Classic 2022 ($15)

Scolari Lugana 2022This is a pale straw-yellow Turbiana that features plentiful zesty citrus and almond notes, threaded with minerality, salinity and refreshing acidity. The grapes grow in post-glacial clay-rich limestone in one of Lugana DOC’s most historic zones, between Sirmione and Desenzano. Founded in 1929, Cantine Scolari’s motto is: “A passion for wine between history and renewal.” Moreover, you’ll find this tasty wine at Destination Lugana, hosted by the Consorzio Tutela Lugana DOC.

Zeni 1870 Vigne Alte 2022 ($15)

Vigne Alte Zeni 2022Zeni 1870 Vigne Alte is more intense and rich; full-bodied yet delicate and fresh. But the citrus flavors and minerality typical of the region aren’t as prominent as in the other two Lugana wines we sampled. Instead, aromas of strawberries and roses lead into notes of peaches and tropical fruits, with only hints of lemon and minerals. However, this is a more textured and powerful Turbiana. As a result, it stands alone without food so you can serve it as an aperitivo. The family established Zeni Winery in 1870 (hence the name), making wine in the area for five generations.

Zenato San Benedetto 2022 ($20)

Zenato San Benedetto 2022Zenato is known for delicious white wines from Lake Garda. Like other wines from Lugana, San Benedetto 2022 is straw yellow in color with green highlights. As well, this is another full-bodied Turbiana, with rich flavors and depth. Appealing aromas of apples, pears, citrus and vanilla mirror the full and harmonious palate, featuring bright acidity and creamy minerality. We loved it, and added Zenato to the list of wineries we hope to visit in Lugana.The vineyards are located between Peschiera and Desenzano, and are considered to be some of the region’s most historic.

Summary: Destination Lugana

In conclusion, we had never heard of the Lugana in Italy or the Turbiana grape until 2020. And now, we can’t get enough of it. Lugana Turbiana wines shine with personality and character in every bottle.

Find out for yourself! There is still time to book your reservation at Destination Lugana in New York through June 22.

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