Celebrating 15 Years

Celebrating 15 YearsIn June 2007, Write for Wine was born. Today, we are celebrating 15 years of writing about wine on this website. Our very first post began this way: “We love Washington state wines, so we know there will be lots to write about in this new wine blog. From wineries in Walla Walla to Woodinville, we plan to write about Washington wines, events, wine clubs, wine bars and more.”

Over the years, we expanded 1) to a website, and 2) to write about all the standout wines we tasted – from Oregon, B.C., California, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Armenia and more. Read on for the story.

The Beginning of Write for Wine

CelebratingThank you for celebrating 15 years with us. Let’s take a quick look back to the beginning.

First, we named this website “The Washington State Wine Blog.” At that time, I had a writing business called “Write for Wine.” (I wrote material for wineries, who paid me in wine.) As a result, many other wine bloggers and wineries referred to it as “Write for Wine Blog.” Consequently, two weeks later, we officially changed the name to Write for Wine.

Our tag line is “It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere,” which has been our motto since 2003. Yes, four years before starting this site! Here is the full story.

Our initial post about a winery recommended Fall Line Winery’s 2004 Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Next, we raved about Kennedy Shah Cab Franc from The Woodhouse Wine Estates. The list of Washington wineries grew along with our obsession for the impressive wines made in the state.

Fifteen Years Later

Celebrating 15 YearsOver the years, our palates evolved and our interest in wine expanded. Subsequently, we discovered a passion for dry white wines with citrus and minerality, such as Turbiana from Lugana. We discovered beautiful wines from South Africa and Armenia. And we tasted dozens of outstanding wines from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Chile and Argentina.

Meanwhile, back at home, our hearts always remain first and foremost with excellent Washington wine. We fell hard for Syrahs from The Rocks District and Cabernet Sauvignon from Red Mountain. We visited other AVAs, from Walla Walla to Yakima. Certainly, we are proud cheerleaders of the first-class wines of Washington state.

Summary: Celebrating 15 Years

In conclusion, we are celebrating 15 years of sharing our views here at Write for Wine. Along the way, we met many talented winemakers, hard-working vineyard managers and growers, tasting room managers, and some creative PR and marketing folks. We also joined an incredible community of other wine writers and wine enthusiasts.

For all of this, we are grateful.

Finally, last but not least, we appreciate your support, by visiting us here at Write for Wine and on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Margot and Dave

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Margot started writing about wine decades ago as a national journalist in Canada and the U.S. She and Dave created this website in 2007. Originally, the website introduced people to wines in Washington state, the second-largest wine region in the U.S. But over the years, the site expanded to feature other wine regions in the U.S., Canada, and in the world. If you like to read about standout wine and winery stories, then Write for Wine is for you.