Late Bottled Vintage Port

Late Bottled Vintage PortFor more than two centuries, consumers have considered Dow’s Port from Symington Family Estates as some of the finest port from the vineyards of the Upper Douro Valley in Portugal. Most importantly, Dow deserves its reputation. Certainly, we discovered this again when we opened a bottle of Dow’s 2016 Late Bottled Vintage Port. Dow only crafts this LBV port during the best years. Read on for more details.

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Tawny Port

Tawny PortFor more than two centuries, Dow’s Port from Symington Family Estates has been considered some of the finest port from the Upper Douro Valley in Portugal. Moreover, Symington recently relaunched the Dow’s Aged Tawny Port Collection to widespread acclaim. Therefore, we were pleased to receive samples of the 10- and 20-year-old Tawny Ports and, of course, held a side-by-side tasting. These ports both show fine fruit flavors with wood character. Have a sip with a little piece of dark chocolate and prepare to be wowed. Read on for more. 

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Good-Value Iberian Wines

Iberian WinesThe Iberian peninsula is the second-largest in Europe, with a rich history of wine. Yet, for some unknown reason, we rarely open bottles from that region. Consequently, we happily received samples of six good-value wines from Marqués de Cáceres in Spain and Symington Family Estates in Portugal. Overall, the six wines range in price from $13 to $31. Keep in mind that good value does not negate quality! Most noteworthy, many Iberian wines age well.

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Wines of Portugal

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 3.02.43 PMContinuing on our journey, after writing previously about wines from Argentina and Italy, it was time to taste some Portuguese wines.

Wines of Portugal kindly sent us some samples to try because we couldn’t make it to their Producer Showcase in Seattle a couple of months ago.

Vera Vinho Verde Rosado 2014 ($12)
This rose´ comes from Vinho Verde in northwest Portugal, and is known because it contains less carbonation than is popular in the region. Medium-bodied, balanced and with a bit of sparkle, you’ll find strawberry and watermelon flavors along with fresh stone fruits and minerals. Think about pairing this distinct offering with fish or shellfish.

Quinta Dos Murcas Assobio Red 2013 ($13)
This dark red wine also has faint aromas of strawberries, but combined with earthy notes, black pepper and cocoa. On the palate, we found notes of black fruit, cedar and dried herbs in a long finish. Well-structured and robust, consider pairing it with grilled meats or spicy beef.

Aveleda Follies Touriga Nacional 2012 ($13)
A full-bodied red, Follies is deep purple, dense and concentrated with notes of cassis, dark fruit such as cherries and blackberries, spices and chocolate. Drink it with steak, savory beef stew or stinky cheeses.

We hope you venture out of your typical wine choices and try some great wines from Portugal.

Margot and Dave