Pineau des Charentes

Pineau des CharentesAre you looking for something different and delicious this holiday season? Pineau des Charentes will be in some mighty fine cocktails at our place. What is it? Produced exclusively in France’s Cognac region, PdC is a fortified wine made of fresh grape juice and blended with Cognac. Classified as a wine, you will more likely find this unique beverage behind a bar than in a wine cellar. Read on for more information.

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Welcome to Spirits

American Whiskey tastingIn the last year, we started to enjoy more cocktails in addition to wine. We even formed a small “booze group” with our Covid pod for new tasting experiences. For example, we expanded our taste portfolio to include Amaro, Japanese whisky and other spirts. While we’ve been posting photos of these new adventures on Instagram, now seems like the perfect time to create a new category on Write for Wine. Welcome to Spirits! Continue reading