Blue Sky Day

Fria Frio Blue Sky DayFriã Friõ is made for your blue sky day, according to the labels on these two joyful wines from Vinho Verde DOC in Portugal. After sipping on Friã Friõ white and rosé, we understand why. We perfectly paired these two bottles with our deck on a couple of sunny May days. Refreshing, crisp, delicious and light-hearted, these low-alcohol wines feature minerality and a light sparkle. Both bottles are easy to drink. And easy to like. And you can find them here and also here.

Blue Sky Day

Blue Sky DayFriã Friõ co-founders Jocelyn Brent and Lisa Rankin partnered with Joana Santiago, one of Portugal’s leading winemakers, to create fun, joyful Vinho Verde white and rosé wines. For Jocelyn and Lisa, Friã Friõ had to be ‘knock your socks off’ wines that could be enjoyed in light-hearted moments shared with family and friends. For example, they like to drink it at an afternoon garden party or under the shade of a tree at an impromptu picnic with friends. Meanwhile, both call it “a match made in heaven” with charcuterie.

The name Friã Friõ means “cool, cool” and according to its founders, “delivers a sense of ‘travel in a glass’ to Portugal and the laidback ease of its vibrant culture. Our name expresses authenticity, discovery and sophistication.”

Certainly, both these spritzy wines are pretty darn cool.

In the name of full disclosure, I worked with Jocelyn’s husband about 15 years ago at a global agency, although we were both in different cities. And I would have noticed these warm-weather wines regardless.

Friã Friõ 2023 Vinho Verde White ($18)

Fria Frio Vinho Verde whiteFriã Friõ 2023 Vinho Verde White is a slightly bubbly wine that calls for your deck or patio all summer long. I adored it. Aromas of apples, pears and grapefruit mirror the crisp, refreshing flavors that are so easy to like, and easy to drink. Winemaker Joana Santiago crafted this white wine making the most of the region’s native grapes, terroir and climate. Therefore, Friã Friõ is naturally lower in alcohol and calories.

Friã Friõ 2023 Vinho Verde Rosé ($18)

Fria Frio RoseFriã Friõ co-founder Joceyln Brent describes 2023 Vinho Verde Rosé as “Rosé the Portuguese way.” We call it a perfect example of why we like to “rosé all day.” Similar to the white wine, Friã Friõ Vinho Verde rosé features a light sparkle, and is a delightful porch pounder. Aromas and flavors of strawberries, red currants, and minerality result in a glass of deliciousness. Consequently, this is definitely a bottle to open on National Rosé Day on June 8.

Summary: Blue Sky Day

In conclusion, Friã Friõ is lively, refreshing and has naturally lower alcohol. Drink it on your deck, at the pool, lakeside, on a picnic, in the garden or anywhere you choose during these warm spring and summer days. No wonder why Friã Friõ says their wines are “for your blue sky day, the Portuguese way.”

Thank you, Jocelyn and Lisa, for the samples.

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Margot and Dave