Beautiful Boudreaux

A month ago, we met Rob Newsom, winemaker extraordinaire of Boudreaux Cellars. Pouring his recently released 2006 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Rob entertained us with stories of the winery he founded just outside Leavenworth, Washington.

We felt like we made a new friend almost instantly. Maybe my Canadian roots connected to his Cajun ones. Maybe his sense of humor and tales of Louisiana and Leavenworth charmed us like so many others.

In addition to making excellent hand-crafted wine, Rob plays bluegrass music, he’s a Cajun cook, and he writes little poems for each of his wines. Here’s the ditty for his 2006 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon:

“Like my mentor told me.
The one with the cars.
This vino is good.
I don’t care who you are.

Its like eatin’ ribs.
Forget the fork.
Doesn’t need words.
Just pull that cork.”

Indeed, the 2006 Reserve is impressive and elegant. And that’s possibly an understatement. This is a well-balanced wine with complex layers that – in Rob’s own words – “is so good it is bewildering to describe.” And if he can’t describe it, you know I’m not going to try! Only 200 cases were produced. The 100% Cabernet Sauvignon fruit was sourced from Champoux and Loess Vineyards.

And then there’s the winery. Boudreaux Cellars is the only winery in Washington state that is self-powered. Located on the Icicle River, the winery is four miles off the power grid, with spectacular views of the Cascade Mountains. For details on how Rob relies on nature to aid his winemaking, see his story on the winery’s website.

Not surprisingly, it’s off the beaten track and tastings are by appointment only. Next time we head that way, we will definitely be making an appointment!


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