Barrage Cellars

Kevin Correll, Barrage Cellars winemakerWe’ve been fans of Kevin Correll’s Barrage Cellars since we first met him in 2008. Kevin runs a one-man operation in the true Garagiste fashion with a focus on terroir and 100% varietals. Like many winemakers in Washington state, Kevin started making wine as a hobby in his garage; from there, he moved his craft to a winery in a remodeled barn. Put the two words barn and garage together – Bar+rage – and voila, Barrage Cellars was born.

Last month, we visited Kevin at his tasting room in the Woodinville Wine Warehouse District. We’ve always enjoyed his stellar wines. But let me tell you, Kevin’s wines simply get better and better with each vintage. Every time we think we’ve tasted his best wine yet, he surprises us the following year with an even better one.

Barrage Cellars has made our Top Washington Wineries of the Year list every year since it was created a decade ago. Here are two of our favorite Barrage Cellars wines.

 Syrah and Cabernet Franc

Barrage Cellars 2014 Stone & Vine SyrahBarrage Cellars 2014 Stone & Vine Syrah is sourced entirely from Stoney Vine Vineyard in The Rocks district and is amazing. This is a fairly new wine from Kevin, who says it “plays a unique role in our portfolio and offers a complex wine with a true sense of place.” This Syrah features the trademark funk and earthiness from The Rocks, with flavors of plum, black fruit and pepper. We loved every single sip of it. And if you adore The Rocks wine, stop by the Barrage tasting room to check this one out!

Barrage Cellars 2013 Cease and Desist Cab FrancBarrage Cellars 2013 Cease and Desist Cabernet Franc continues the tradition of being one of the finest in Washington State. Indeed, we have been fans since the 2007 vintage. Not surprising to us, and kudos to Kevin, the 2013 scored a double gold medal at the prestigious 2018 San Francisco Chronicle wine competition, and the 2014 brought home the gold last year. Full of black and red fruit, this rich 100% Cab Franc is earthy and herbaceous, with a hint of minerality and chocolate.

Other Barrage Cellars Wines

Of course, as you can see from Kevin’s photo above, Barrage Cellars offers many more wines. In his tasting room, you will find the ever-popular 2017 Nuclear Blonde Chardonnay, 2018 Concrete Blonde Viognier, 2012 Exclamation Riesling, 2014 Blacklisted Merlot, 2014 Double Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon (another of our long-time favorites) and 2014 Secret Weapon Syrah.

So next time you’re in Woodinville, be sure to stop by the Barrage Cellars tasting room in the Warehouse Wine District. We highly recommend it!

Margot and Dave