Attention last-minute shoppers – a great inexpensive wine gift!

Wine Mummy is the inexpensive, useful, fun wine gift that you’ve been looking for – a great stocking stuffer that costs only $4.95! I don’t often write about wine-related products, so when I do, you know it’s time to listen up! Wine Mummy is a must-have for any wine lover who travels on planes.

Seriously, you know how hard it is to take wine on airplanes these days. You can’t bring liquids in carry-on luggage, which means you need to put that nice bottle of wine in your bag and check it. Scary! So you place it in plastic bags, stuff it in your socks, surround it by your sweaters or t-shirts, and worry about what will be awaiting you when opening your suitcase again at home.

In response to this situation, Vino Amici created Wine Mummy, which is a padded, zip-sealed travel bag (in black-and-gold packaging) “designed to protect bottles when transported inside checked baggage.” Wine Mummy is compact and lightweight, yet is made of a durable, double-layer polybag with layers of bubble padding.

The company was kind enough to send me a couple of them to review – right around the time when my boss/friend, Laura, was in town for the office holiday party. It just happened to be a big birthday milestone for her too, so I gave her a nice bottle of Alexandria Nicole Cellars Reserve Viognier packed in a Wine Mummy to take back home to Colorado.

Upon arrival, she sent me this email: “I loved the Wine Mummy – protected the bottle, reusable (!), and convenient.  I’d definitely recommend it for those who travel and want to buy that great bottle of wine but need a safe way to get it home.”

I’m sure she’ll love the award-winning ANC Viognier too, but she is saving it for the holidays!


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