Amphora Cabernet Franc

Hard Row to Hoe Amphora Cabernet Franc LabelJust in time for Valentine’s Day, Hard Row to Hoe offers a new Amphora Cabernet Franc that is light, fresh and beautiful. This organically-grown Cab Franc is produced under the winery’s new Whole Picture label, which features wine made exclusively from their estate vineyard. Overall, the new packaging is a departure from the titillating brothel story that has been integral to the winery. Most importantly, it shows the growth of winemaking by co-owner Judy Phelps, and vineyard practices by her husband and co-owner, Don Phelps. Hard Row to Hoe has been one of our favorite Washington wineries for years. Certainly, this beautiful 2019 Amphora Cabernet Franc underlines why.

Amphora Cabernet Franc 2019 (SRP $28)

Amphora Cabernet FrancThis is a light-bodied, elegant wine that is fresh, lively, versatile and food-friendly. It would pair well with seafood, salads, chicken and meat dishes. But it also stands alone as a refreshing aperitif or digestif. Aged in an amphora winemaking vessel, this Cabernet Franc was produced by picking the grapes earlier than usual so the wine would have lower alcohol and higher acidity. Therefore, Judy recommends drinking it young, and slightly chilled (55-60 degrees). Think about this as a Valentine’s gift for yourself and/or your sweetie or friend!

Whole Picture

Hard Row to Hoe Whole Picture LabelEstablished in 2005, Hard Row to Hoe is a family-owned and operated estate winery in the Lake Chelan Valley. Firstly, Judy says she and Don have grown as winemakers and vineyard owners, which is showcased in the new Whole Picture label and wine series. Secondly, the label underlines the sustainability and organic farming used by Judy and Don. Likewise, other notable vineyard and winemaking practices featured in this new Whole Picture label include “Hand Grown,” “Amphora-aged,” and “Glacial Soil.” Moreover, only estate-grown, premium grapes are used in this wine series. However, you can only buy it online and at the winery’s tasting room because of the small production.


In conclusion, Amphora Cabernet Franc 2019 is best to drink young and chilled. It depicts the focus, dedication, talent and skills of Judy and Don Phelps, who use unique and/or notable winemaking and vineyard practices. Thanks for the sample, Judy. We love this wine and intend to buy and drink more of it this winter, spring and summer.

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