Alcohol, an issue with legs

Everywhere I go, the topic of the alcohol content in wine tends to be discussed.

Some people say wines with high alcohol content don’t pair well with food. Wine Enthusiast’s Unreserved blogger Jim Gordon says such wines don’t go well with him, period. “… my problem is not that wines over 14 or 15 percent alcohol don’t go with food. My problem is that they don’t go with my metabolism. I like to have a 3-4 ounce glass of wine before dinner while I’m cooking, another glass or two with dinner, and then another small one after dinner if it’s good enough to savor. But I have to get up the next morning without a headache and have a good day.”

Gordon and others have responded to comments by California wine maker Randy Dunn of Dunn Vineyards, who wrote an open e-mail to the media calling for a stop to the current fad of high alcohol wines, particularly those that have alcohol levels over 15 percent. (Credit goes to Appellation America for the e-mail.)

Dunn says these so-called “cigar wines are made for standing and not sitting down with a meal. I hate to see the whole industry cater to that segment of the population and there’s a whole bunch of the population that likes to drink wines that are not just sipping and sitting wines.”

What do you think?


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