Airfield Estates: Not Your Simple Merlot

We always have a wonderful time when we visit Airfield Estates and our recent stop at the Prosser winery was no exception. Winemaker and General Manager Marcus Miller and Amy Sonnichsen, assistant general manager, gave us a tour of the winery, where we saw grapes just harvested and others fermenting.

We also tasted several good wines – including the new release of Airfield’s very popular signature blend 2008 Bombshell Red ($16), 2007 Syrah, and the Reserve Cab. But our favorite – and I wish we had purchased more! – was the 2007 Merlot ($22).

As the bottle and tasting notes state, “this is not your ‘simple’ Merlot.” Indeed, this is one of the most complex Merlots we’ve ever tasted. We were not suprised to hear that it was awarded an “Outstanding” at the Seattle Wine awards.

We always enjoy the sights at Airfield Estates – located on a World War II airbase — including this airplane made of wine barrels and a chandelier of wine glasses. Airfield Estates has a fascinating history and stories to share – coupled with good wine and good people, it’s a must-visit on any trip to Prosser.

Barrel Planewineglass chandelier