A Word about the Washington Wine Wench

I am not a wine critic. I am not a wine journalist. (I used to be a political journalist, many moons ago, but that’s another story.) I am a wine enthusiast. And I am a supporter of Washington state wine.

Why did I choose this route? When I really like a certain wine, I like to tell people about it. They might want to try it; they might not. But if I taste a wine that I don’t particularly like, it does not mean that others will have the same reaction.

Every palate is different. So I choose not to write about wines I don’t like. And I never lack for things to write about because Washington state offers so many fine wines. (And I’ll soon be writing about some wonderful wines that we tasted yesterday at Passport to Woodinville.)

And now you know what drives the Washington Wine Wench and Write for Wine.