Holiday Wines 2023

Red and White Wine on the WaterThe holidays bring good cheer, and what better way to celebrate than with stellar holiday wines. What are our top 45 recommendations of holiday wines 2023? First, we suggest 20 sparkling, rosé and white wines, followed by 25 reds. For example, many of these holiday wines are special because of their high quality (and high price point). On the other hand, others are simply special good-value wines. Moreover, their prices range from an unbelievable $11 to $105. Most importantly, you could open them during a quiet evening at home, pour them for dinner guests, take them to small holiday parties, or give them as gifts. Continue reading

Recent San Felice Wines

San Felice WinesLast year, we became acquainted with San Felice wines, and they quickly enticed us from the historic estate located in the heart of Chianti Classico territory. As a result, we happily accepted samples of these two impressive Italian reds. San Felice Vigorello 2020 marks the 52nd vintage of the first Supertuscan produced in Chianti Classico. Bell’Aja Bolgheri 2021 showcases how Bordeaux meets the terroir of Bolgheri. Read on for more details.

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