Resources for WA Initiatives 1100 & 1105

There is only one week left until the Nov. 2 election and the vote on Washington State Initiatives 1100 & 1105. Please be informed – there is a lot of fine print to absorb. The initiatives are about a lot more than cheaper booze.

A recent post by well-known local wine expert, Paul Gregutt, sums up 1100 this way: “… this initiative is simply too broad and too vague – a clearcut rather than a cleanup.” He plans on “holding his nose” and voting no on both 1100 and 1105.

Here are more links that lead to positions on both sides of both initiatives;  this updates my previous post, Confused About Initiatives 1100 & 1105?

You can also find the complete text of both initiatives on the website for the Washington Secretary of State. The Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington also has many excellent resources to help you wind your way through the complex details.

Regardless of your opinion, please get out and vote on Nov. 2. And in the meantime, if you have other resources to share – on either side of both initiatives – we welcome your comments.