If you love Cab Franc

Goosecross Cellars 2006 Napa Valley Cabernet Franc is, quite simply, one of the best Cab Francs that we’ve had in ages. Tasting it inspired so many descriptors – smooth, lucious, velvety, rich, sumptous, elegant and plush, to name a few.

Better yet, here are the Goosecross tasting notes: Lush, generous flavors of ripe cherries, sweet raspberry, dried herbs and mint finish with toasty oak, spice and a hint of licorice. Pairings: Grilled steak or lamb, slow-cooked dishes, aged cheeses.

We can confirm that Goosecross Cab Franc pairs well with steak – that’s what we enjoyed with our first bottle. It was such a wonderful experience that we ordered another half-case from the winery!

And after all, isn’t wine all about the experience? I’ve written about our terrific experiences in Goosecross’ tasting room whenever we go to Napa. Relaxing at home with our dogs in front of the fireplace, sipping Goosecross Cab Franc, brings back those good times all over again.

We hope to go back soon!

In the meantime, we’re glad we ordered extra bottles from their website store, and if you love Cab Franc, we recommend you do the same.