Walla Walla Wine Weekend

Look what I discovered when I was cleaning out my email box – a contest to win a free weekend getaway to Walla Walla. Contest entries will be accpted until April 17, so there still is time to enter.

Called My Walla Walla Weekend, the contest invites visitors to share their favorite memories or surprises from their last trip to Walla Walla. Four winners will be rewarded with a weekend trip for two and behind-the-scenese passes to special events. Winners will be announced in May.

I’d enter, but I tend to tell my special stories in this blog. It’s also fun to talk about how the Washington Wine Wench from Write for Wine waxed about a Walla Walla Weekend.


Congratulations Brennon Leighton & Efeste Wines

I’ve written many posts about the wonderful wines created by winemaker Brennon Leighton and the great winery where he does it – Efeste Wines. So I was not surprised – but I was certainly delighted – to see that Seattle Magazine’s latest issue hails Brennon Leighton as Winemaker to Watch and Efeste Wines as the Best New Winery.

In the last six months, we joined Efeste’s Inner Circle wine club and visited the tasting room in Woodinville many times. We’ve shared some good stories with Brennon, along with Efeste owners Daniel Ferrelli, Patrick Smith and Kevin and Angie Taylor– who make up the “F-S-T” (after the first letters of their last names) in Efeste Wines. We’ve always said that we join wine clubs for three reasons — great wines, good people and fun events — and Efeste has all of them and then some.

So please join me in congratulating Brennon, Daniel, Kevin, Angie, Patrick, Mary and all the good folks at Efeste Wines! And if you haven’t visited their tasting room yet, make sure it’s a must-stop place the next time you go wine tasting in Woodinville.