Google’s Top 100 Wine Blogs Gaining Traction

A month ago I was thrilled to share the news that Write for Wine was #19 on the list of Google’s Top 100 Wine Blogs, as compiled by the Enobytes blog.  (See paragraph three for how the list was compiled.)

Last week, this great news hit more blogs — such as the Back Roads Blog in Livermore, California, which also made the list, and the NC Bartender blog in North Carolina.

Every time I see that list republished, my smile gets bigger. So it seemed fitting on this Thanksgiving weekend to send my thanks again to those of you who regularly read my blog and hopefully enjoy some of the great wines that we do.

Thanks and cheers!

The Wine and The Peeps

We spent a good part of a day in Woodinville recently, visiting our friends at wineries and tasting some new releases. In the middle of the afternoon, Dave and I revisited a conversation we’ve had frequently in the last couple of years — there are so many fabulous wines from Washington state that it’s sometimes hard to decide where to visit and what to buy.

Dave’s ultimate conclusion — and I agree with him — is that it’s not just about the wine; it’s also about the peeps. (Of course, Dave would never use the word “peeps.” That would be me.)

Seriously though – when we go to tasting rooms, we experience the wine, and we take in the atmosphere, the friendliness and knowledge of the winery pourers, and the ambiance. We enjoy so many Washington wines, that it’s typically the people in the tasting room who bring us back again and again.

When Dave and I discussed this blog post, I was planning to list some of our favorite peeps at wineries in Woodinville, Yakima, Prosser and Walla Walla. But I don’t want to inadvertently miss anyone, so instead I suggest that the next time you’re in a tasting room, strike up a conversation with the people pouring. And I’ll bet you soon will have a long list of faves too.

If you have any you’d like to tell us about, please share!


Good Company, Good Tunes

We decided to go to 13 Coins over the weekend to listen to the fine tunes of Butch Harrison and Good Company. OK, we had a bottle of Cain Cuvee from Napa Valley and a delicious dinner too, but the main reason we went was to catch the great music.

We first heard this funky trio at a wine release party at Alexandria Nicole Cellars. I wrote then that they played the best cover of Van Morrison’s Moondance that I ever heard. They rocked the house. So we were a bit surprised when their first set started a bit more laid back than we expected. Still smooth, but mellow — like, well, bar music — which makes sense because we were in a bar!

So I asked the waitress if she would mind requesting Moondance for us. And guess what? They rocked the house! This band cooks! This version of Moondance also had an occasional riff of Boardwalk and even a bit of barking, which sounds weird but was actually very entertaining.

They play at 13 Coins and other venues around Seattle quite regularly, so catch them if you can. Personally, I hope they keep playing at Alexandria Nicole Cellars, where there’s plenty of room to dance while enjoying some awesome Washington state wine.


Red Wine Pill Helps Lose Weight?

I file this under the hard-to-believe category, but I still want to share it with you! In case you missed it, scientists have developed a new pill — an experimental drug — that gives you the same benefits of drinking red wine. (I assume that means health benefits, because there is absolutely no way that a pill can give you the beneficial enjoyment of sharing a bottle of wine with a loved one or dear friend.)

So this pill has a really creative name – SRT1720 – because it acts in a similar way to the SRT1 activator resveratrol, which is found in red wine and believed to bring many health benefits to people. The pill was developed by French, Dutch and American scientists from the University of Louis Pasteur, no less.

According to the website Smart About Health, “Taking one of the drugs is about the same as drinking gallons of wine and getting benefit from the red wine extract resveratrol.” Wow!

And it gets better: “What they now know is that this drug can help people lose weight and prevent diabetes.”

I absolutely love this study.

The thing is … the test was only carried out for 10 weeks on mice which were on a high-fat diet and compared against mice that didn’t take the pill. Studies still need to be done to see if the drug is safe for human use. It also makes me wonder if someone could take the pill and still enjoy a glass or two of red wine.

The results were published in the November issue of Cell Metabolism and seem to have some legs.

What do you think?